David Ravenscroft

With more than 3 decades of experience in business and Chairman of the global operation he Co founded in 1990 David is perfectly placed to oversee Property Investment Network Ltd.

David founded Property Investment Network Ltd in 2013 purely as his own private investment vehicle to invest in UK property for rental returns and long term asset appreciation.

Since its formation he has been asked by investors if they could get involved. Those investors have now become good friends and Joint Venture Partners.

Although he now resides in the Cayman Islands he also has a home in Thailand and frequently entertains his JV partners at these and other exotic locations and events around the world.

My favoured role is managing partner relationships however I do oversee investment decisions. Says David

In my many years of business I’ve been fortunate enough to attract a great team of advisers and partners that have the skills needed to fulfil our investment goals.

Davids other passions are fitness, healthy eating and spending time with his family.


Peter Swarbrick

Peter qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Grant Thornton in 1984 and became a director for PIN in 2013. Peter has acted on numerous acquisitions, JV deals and finance arrangements focusing on the tax and commercial aspects of the agreements.

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