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Property Joint Venture working for you

With the UK economy beginning to move in the right direction, people are looking for sound ways to make their money work harder. Property investment opportunities are leading the charge in giving people a quick and worthwhile return on their investment.

The Property Investment Network was set up by David Ravenscroft as a way of using his years of experience in the building and renovation trade to help carefully selected venture partners make a reliable investment with a guaranteed return.

What we do is simple. Working with our venture partners, our team carefully selects a suitable opportunity, before putting our workforce of experienced builders, plumbers and electricians on-site who work tirelessly to create desirable modern properties.


Buy to Let

Buy to Let properties are a popular way to give you a continued return with tenants effectively paying the property mortgage with the bonus of a monthly profit on top.


Houses in Multiple Occupation

HMO is similar to the regular Buy to Let arrangement but has potential to offer a great ROI with the property being split into multi-household tenancy agreements.


Commercial Property

We offer partners the chance to work as part of a larger pool of investors to renovate office spaces.


We consult with investors on the money that they wish to put up and advise how we think they can best make a return on this. Once the investment plan has been agreed our team sets about finding the right property. Our workforce then completes the regeneration giving us a property at the end which suits the agreed investment plan.


We treat each investor as an individual and work closely with you to recommend the right investment opportunity for you. We understand that our customers come to us to make investment easy and stress free, that is why we aim to keep you informed but never inundated with information.


Our proven track record shows that investors continually choose to put their money into our ventures because they trust us to deliver a quality product that will make them money no matter what sort of investment opportunity they undertake.


Our experience and knowledge of Joint Venture property regeneration is second to none. From the exceptional decision making of our investment team to the perfectionists in our skilled workforce we all pride ourselves on exceptional results.

What Our Partners Are Saying
  • Property Investment Network have provided me with the opportunity to grow my nest-egg with the reassurance of a guaranteed return. It makes more sense for me to put my hard earned money into something that I know will only increase in value over time.

  • As someone who was new to property investment I didn’t really know my options, and I didn’t really want to spend all of my time dealing with builders. The team made the process simple for me and I was able to let them proceed with the project while I sat back and watched the project come to fruition.

  • Before I retired it was important to me that I could still have an income alongside my regular savings. Property Investment Network were just what I was looking for, an investment that I can pass on to my grandchildren that works hard for me right now as well.

  • I have worked with Property Investment Network for many years now and have built myself a small portfolio that I am very proud of. Once I had completed the first project I was really keen to invest in another and there was no one else I’d rather work with than David and the team.

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