Our Investment Approach

Investment Approach & Lifecycle

Developing and Investing in Real Estate requires a strict investment approach

Our experience and strategy enables us to make decisions move quickly when we need to. This gives us an advantage over our competition and allows us to make the most of the current market opportunity.

Stage One


Using our network of trusted agents and the UK’s most advanced technologies we are able to find sites and analyse swiftly. This and working with our team of Planning Consultants, QS’s and Architecht’s means when we find the right project we can move quickly and with confidence. 

Stage Two


Having acquired over 30+ properties and sites has given us a lot of experience in the acquisition process. We understand exactly what needs to happen from the moment we agree a project to completion. We understand there are more ways than one to acquire a property and we work with the best conveyancers to ensure a smooth process.

Stage Three


When approaching any project we ensure that planning is assessed right from the get go. Once planning viability has passed our initial assessment and the property/project has been acquired we work with our planning consultants and council planners to ensure swift delivery.

Stage Four


Having developed over 300 properties as a team we have a lot of experience of what it takes to deliver projects from a single dwelling up to 100+ apartments. We work with our team and trusted contractors to ensure the project will be delivered in the shortest time and the most cost effective manner. 

Stage Five


Once delivered we ensure that all our properties are quality checked and meet our own internal standards and those of the end user. Handed over with all certifications needed. 

Stage Six

Asset Management

We have systems in place to ensure that our properties and tenancies are organised and managed in the correct manner allowing us to surpass all our landlord duties. 

We pride ourselves on delivering a superior product for our tenants who are in most cases housing vulnerable people. we are an extension of their business and we help them expand so we grow together.